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There are specific strategies to growing your online presence. Learn those strategies here. Unlike most other marketing companies, we only work with contractors. We specialize in digital marketing for Plumbers, HVAC companies, and electricians.

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Web Design

To get more phone calls you need a website that is robust and converts customers.

We specialize in developing websites for contractors. We create the images, artwork, sales copy, blog, and thought leadership content to help your site dominate the search results.

Don’t publish information on your site and pray that it will rank. Contractor Strategies is here to help.

Unique Search Engine Optimization For Contractors Only

Don’t be a needle in a haystack

Have you asked yourself the following questions…

“How can I get more customers organically?”
“How do I beat my competitor’s rankings?”
“How do Google rankings work?”

We are here to help.

A phrase commonly used in business circles, Search Engine Optimization, is also often shrouded in mystery and confusion. The thought of finding the right words and algorithms to bring people to your site can bring even the most seasoned business leaders out in a cold sweat. However, in today’s ever evolving world, your company cannot afford to be without it.

Customer habits have changed almost unrecognizably over the past decade- the internet is now the main gateway to services, and we now expect to have all the information we need at the touch of a button. You may well be the very best at what you do, but if people cannot find you, your competitors will always have the upper hand.

Search Engine Optimization keeps you one step ahead of the competition and provides a seamless link to those all-important customers. It is about more than simply using a few of the right keywords- smart SEO brings together a combination of creativity and technical skill to improve your site’s search engine rankings, increase interest and ultimately drive more people to your business. It is about having the right content and understanding the way people think and searches for services; using tried and tested methods to give you the competitive edge you need to be found online.

At Contractor Strategies we enable service providers to develop strong strategies to drive the right kind of customers to their sites. From simple keyword research and link building to on-page SEO best practice and analysis, our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to make your website a success. Our work is focused on both search engines and human beings- making sure your site is not just structured in a way that works for search engines, but for people too.

Content Marketing Strategy

Don’t be a needle in a haystack

Your story, strategically shared

A good story has a beginning, middle, and end- but the story itself is just a small part of getting your message out there. We work from the ground up, working closely with you to understand your business aims and objectives to create engaging and compelling content which is shareable and relevant.

Content marketing is the art of taking a great story and using it to influence, nurture and increase a business’ customer base. It includes everything from the creation of engaging stories, blog posts and articles to targeting key demographic groups and analyzing reader interaction.

As well as teaching best practice on creating and distributing content specifically for the home service industry, we will help you develop a clear strategy for engaging with your audience and attracting new visitors to your site- ultimately leading to more business.

We do not believe in churning out the same old average content. The words we write are designed with both people and search results in mind- so not only will your target audience be able to find you, they will want to share your wisdom.

Types of Content

Landing pages
First impressions count- and like a pair of shoes, handshake or the way you walk into a room, today’s consumer will judge you on your landing page. We create intelligent copy that’s informative, fresh and totally cliché free.

Product and category pages
Quality, clear descriptions are essential if you want people to understand your products, but if you really want your visitors to buy, they will need to feel inspired too. We will help you convince potential customers that there’s nobody better at what you do.

Blog posts
Blog posts are a great way for people to find you online, but it should be about much more than simply improving your search engine rankings. If you have ever fancied being recognized as a guru in your chosen field, now’s your chance.

Brochure content
It is not all about computers and hand-held devices- the humble leaflet is still a valuable marketing tool. We will get your message out there using clear, concise copy that your clients will love offline as well as online.

News, reviews and press releases
Just having a great story to tell isn’t always enough- editors read much copy every day, so if your words do not cut the mustard you cannot expect to get noticed. When you have got something interesting to tell the world, we will get your message out there in a way that will make them sit up and listen.

Interviews and video scripts
Because we do not just love words but really understand people too, we transcribe interviews and write video scripts that sound natural, clear and concise.

White papers
It is not all about the fun stuff. We also write the white papers, terms and conditions and other official documents about subjects that won’t necessarily set the world on fire but need to be explained clearly and efficiently.

From inspirational keyword strong copy to bespoke marketing strategies, we will help you get the best out of your online efforts.

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Inbound Marketing and Sales Training

Turning strangers into satisfied customers

Marketing is an important business skill that lots of people know about, but few really understand. We will help you look at the impact of your sales, understand your customers and gain the skills and knowledge you need to turn those leads into sales.

The internet is saturated with training programs, but it is not quite so easy to find one which specifically targeted to your industry’s specific needs. Because we work solely with clients in the service industry, we can develop comprehensive training programs which are tailored this niche market.

The way people look for services has been subject to a huge culture change in recent years. Today’s customer has more choice than ever before, and in turn, expects more from their providers. It is, therefore, essential that you understand them, their needs and their very individual journeys to offer them real value. With a heavier emphasis on inbound selling than ever, there’s a real need for your sales and marketing teams to know what makes your customers tick.

Our inbound marketing and sales training include carefully developed modules for sales reps, managers, and business leaders, with the aim of helping you not only achieve your revenue goals but exceed them. Whether you are looking for small group workshops to one to one mentoring for individual sales staff, we will find the perfect solution for all your inbound marketing and sales needs.